Welcome to Threshing Table Farm’s 2014 Season!

Welcome to Threshing Table Farm!

Happy March!!
Mike and I are heading into spring with excitement for the coming season. We have spent the last few months planning and learning. We attended the Midwest Organic Conference held by MOSES about two weeks ago. We learned lots of new things, met lots of new people and reconnected with old friends as well.  It's always inspiring to see so many of the people who are changing the way our food system works. 
One of the things that I was particularly inspired by is the plight of our native pollinators. I knew the honey bees were struggling, but now much of the native pollinators are as well. In fact, the gentleman who spoke from the Xerxes society mentioned that this may be the last year we ever see Monarch butterflies. They have lost so much habitat and taken a beating by chemical sprays, diminishing their numbers to dangerous levels. We are planning more areas of habitat and food plots for the Monarchs and other polinators on our farm this summer.  They are just too important to not have on our farm and on the landscape around us.
I have been busy attending different events and meeting with new members as well as old.  It's always fun to share the word about our CSA and local food options in general.  We are excited to be expanding our delivery area to include the following:
                       Star Prairie  (On Farm)
                        New Richmond  (The Center)
                        New Richmond  (Westfields Hospital, employees only)
                        Somerset  (Somerset Rental)
                        Osceola  (Demullings farm)
                        Baldwin  (Member Home)
                        Amery  (Indigo Iris)
                        Houlton (Elementary school) 
                        Hudson (The Hospital)
                        Stillwater  (River Market)
                        Woodbury  (Member home)
                        Minneapolis  (Ebeneezer society)                                      Minneapolis  (Time Out Pilates)                                          Minneapolis  (Fairview Homecare and Hospice, Employees only)
Please spread the word and strengthen our community. We appreciate it!   If you haven't liked us on facebook, please do that too. We love to post photos of what is going on around the farm. One of our members, Ilisa Ailts, with Ilisa Ailts Photography
Email: ilisa@ilisaailts.com is going to be photo documenting our 2014 season. We'll be sharing photos through our newsletters and facebook page.  We're excited about this because it's really hard to take photos when my hands are muddy! But we love to share what's happenning around here. (And I'm nowhere near as talented as she!)
Another of our members, Aimee Dixon, www.froghollowstudios.com  has been knocking herself out helping me with signs, brochures, ads, you name it! If you would like a tear-off sign or brochure to share with someone or someplace you know, let me know and I'll be happy to get that to you.  Thanks!
We will again be selling produce this summer at the Star Prairie Farmer's Market and through my "Friends of Threshing Table Farm" list. The friends list is for those that want to buy produce seperately from a share. Maybe you'd like beans for freezing or tomatoes for canning. I send a list out most weeks with what is available and then items can be ordered and picked up (or picked) on the farm. If you are a member, we can add your items to your CSA box and deliver it all together. If you were not on our "Friends" list last year, but would like to be this year, please send me an e-mail. 
For those of you interested in ordering Pasture raised Chickens or Grass-fed beef from Farm Sweet Farm, we will be sending info out in April. Remember that I can only organize orders for members of Threshing Table Farm.
We've ordered most of our seeds. Seed ordering is a lesson in self-control. It's like being a kid in a candy store! There are so many wonderful colors, flavors, shapes, etc. that it's tempting to order everything.  But we've gotten the list to the must haves and a few wants and a tiny bit of "I've gotta try this!"  The first seeds go into the greenhouse this week!  We're enjoying the mud (as are the kids and pets) and the smells of spring. If you're wanting to play in the dirt, let us know. You can enjoy some greenhouse time with us too!
Memberships are coming in everyday, but there is still room left. Thank you to those of you who have signed up already and we look forward to hearing from the rest of you very soon.
Jody, Mike, Claudia, Malcolm and Jonas
P.S. Mike's tapping trees this week! Yeah Maple syrup!
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